A dirt-free dirty magazine?

Playboy magazine will be nudity-free next year. I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself. Or give you a chance to say, “People still pay for porn?” The reality is that porn is a multi-billion-dollar industry but something so legendary like Playboy is finding it tough to, well, keep it up.

In what seems like an odd shift the former (though still current) nudie mag will shift its focus from boobs to brains — or so it says.

Running “PG-13” content early in the new year, Playboy has finally acknowledged that the Internet is a great place to find whatever dirty and raunchy content the heart — or other parts — desire.

If Hugh Hefner’s long-running publication can survive the shift is the big question. People joke about getting these types of magazines to read the articles so this change will really put that theory to the test. But even then, the content is going from XXX to that PG-13 thing one of its executives said.

I also wonder if the shift means the legendary Playboy Mansion will be no more and if booze-filled parties (and I guess booze-filled bimbos) will still be around and if the storied orgies will still happen under Hef’s roof. By the sounds of his interchangeable relationships with the “bunnies” it sounds odd that only the magazine will shift its focus.

Oh yeah, before you call me sexist, I read an interview with a former “bunny” who said she was encouraged to act dumb and giggle, being an overall ditz – hence the word “bimbo” in that last paragraph. It was her word, not mine.

At the end of the day, will Playboy be taken seriously? Will it produce relevant thought-provoking content that people will want to read, let alone pay for? Is the shift an attempt to attract a younger audience with non-X-rated material?

Hate to break it to you, Hef, but my 19-year-old cousin flipped through pictures on his phone and the teens these days are generating their own PG-13 — sometimes even worse — content so it’s unlikely you’ll win over their hearts… and other things.

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