A Wrap Up wrap up

Let’s tidy up some of the tantilizing tabloid tidbits from the recent weeks here in the Wrap Up column.

Everybody (though I demand a recount) was excitedly waiting the arrival of Kim Kardashian’s baby. Wondering if she would continue on the K tradition of names in the family – though I wonder how brother Rob fell through the cracks – people speculated for weeks what name she and baby daddy Kanye West would pick.

By now you have heard she didn’t go K, she just went stupid, naming the kid North West. That’s not the update here.

Shortly after Go West… er, North West was born, I noted that we probably wouldn’t see the first pictures until the happy couple sold them to a magazine or tabloid. I hate to admit this – at least for now, anyway – but I was wrong. Reports are saying Kardashian and West could have fetched up to $3 million for the exclusive baby pics but turned down offers.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely incorrect. In fact, the couple did solicit offers but in the end, for some unknown reason, they decided against making money of the snapshots. Though I should point out that they allegedly would have donated the money to charity. Yes, that’s exactly what I think would have happened from the woman who is famous for… well, do we even know why?

Next up: everybody’s favourite Southern bigot, Paula Deen has been somewhat cleared in her racist discrimination case. You’ll recall Deen’s food empire came crumbling down amid reports Deen and her brother harassed staff in their restaurant. Feeling uneasy and unwelcome by Deen’s use of the N-word, a former manager sued for over a million bucks.

The judge in the case dismissed the claims because the alleged victim is white and the judge wanted to know how someone white can claim racial discrimination towards blacks when you aren’t even part of that group.

And finally: Justin Bieber is once again enjoying the thug life and naked pics of him serenading his grandma have surfaced. Come to think of it, I feel creepy just writing that sentence so we’ll end it right there. Check out tabloid websites for the snapshots. The update for this story: I am still having the Countdown to Rehab clock designed for my office. Any day now… any day now.

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