Animals are people, too… well, sort of

Maybe it’s the holiday season or maybe I’m just a genuine animal lover but reading stories about neglected pets makes my eyes water a little bit.

Huffington Post ran a story about an abandoned dog dumped in a Sam’s Club parking lot in the U.S. The dog waited there and began howling after a few weeks of being left by its owners.

Those details alone broke my heart but attempting to go into the mind of the dog is what made me feel worse.

Of course we don’t know exactly what an animal is thinking. We assume by its actions it is obediently waiting for its owner and is anticipating his or her arrival any second. If anything, that shows the animal’s loyalty. As for the human, well, they’re a piece of garbage.

How can I say that without knowing the other side of the story? Because a responsible adult would have done something to ensure the dog was taken care of. Whether that would be taking it to a shelter or even going to a pet store and asking for help, the last resort should never be letting it loose.

I understand situations arise and people need to surrender an animal. But if your town is big enough to have a Sam’s Club, it has resources to get you help with a pet.

As much as I take for granted my two dogsĀ  and find it annoying when they follow me around when I simply walk from the couch to the kitchen, I am reminded that I am their world.

I interact with other people all day. I go places all the time. Sure, the dogs go for walks and play at parks, sometimes interacting with other animals but at the end of the day, they wait for me and want to be with me.

Today when I went out to shovel I left the dogs inside and they sat at the backdoor looking through the window waiting for me. Ten minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. They sat there patiently the whole time staring up at the door waiting for me to reappear.

I could never live with myself if I treated a loving and loyal living being with such disregard. As it is I have guilty feelings killing a fly in my house.

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