Apparently I was wrong?

OK, so I was totally outnumbered last week. Let’s recap: You might recall I wondered if the violent Baltimore mom who was seen slapping her rioting son might have been to blame for his, well, violent behaviour. Turns out, she is not – based on the messages I got. Heeeeeeeere we go:

“I absolutely don’t blame her,” wrote Taylor Lynn Modin. “I think he would have been worse if she hadn’t been like that.”

Ashley Anthony chimed in with: “At least she cared enough to do what she did though!!! I applaud her if that was my son doing that I probably would have whooped his ass too whether the world was watching or not!!”

“I have been waiting for some media group to say something against the mother for her actions,” wrote Chris Davies. “You are presuming that she is a violently aggressive parent. I never presumed that. I saw a mother who caught her son doing something totally against the way she raised him and stepping up to take care of it. I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING. And I would not have given it a second thought. Some parents are scared to do the things that need to be done because someone will stick their nose in and question their judgment. If you can’t do it then step out of the way and let the cops do it later when he has gotten himself into so much trouble it will cost money or his life. Children need to be taught not to give into peer pressure and not follow the crowd because it is easier. Having good character takes strength and it takes strength to build good character.”

Finally, bad spelling, grammar and all, Debbie Zumbahlen said, “Seriously you ate going to question this mothers actions?! Let me guess you weren’t hugged enough as a child so any parent that punishes a child physically it is automatically “violent”. Let me tell you that a mom who will punish a little harsh will love with equal or greater strength! That is the problem today. A child should fear the consequences of thier bad choices. They don’t. “Oh, if I do something bad my mom might yell or make me sit in time out for 5 minutes”. Compare to,” my folks will tan my hide and make me accountable for my actions”. I have seen the behavior of children in this country decline sharply over the years and it makes me think that society needs to stop letting kids think they are mini adults. They want all the rights and privileges of an adult with no responsibility.”

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