Are we really shocked by it anymore?

It happened again. You know what I’m talking about. I don’t need to recap another terrorist attack.

The debate is gun control, terrorism, homophobia, intolerance, hate, blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter if it was Latino lives or gay lives or anything like that. People died. That’s what matters.

But as these never-ending attacks continue, so too does the media coverage. And sometimes I think less is more — well, it should be, anyway.

Many people woke up Sunday morning to the shocking story in Orlando. At that time the basics were known (where, what, how, when) but TV networks committed to interrupting programming for what was described as the worst terror attack since 9/11. Because it was that big the coverage had to be just as endless.

After viewers were given the quick facts it was time to bring out political commentators, gun-control lobbyists and any random gay person who was saddened by the events.

Gossip and tabloid websites quickly compiled tweets from celebrities that were riveting and groundbreaking. I was stunned to learn Kim Kardashian was saddened by the news of the mass murder in Orlando.

She joined countless celebs who shared a repeated sentiment: sad, enraged, devastated — you get the idea. Though I sleep better at night knowing how the rich and famous feel about a news story. Granted, I am an entertainment reporter but even I didn’t care what famous-for-a-sex-tape Kardashian had to say.

Rather than go on protests and rants about my outrage, I decided to hide away for the day and escape the sadness of the real world. It was a cloudy rainy day so I had a Will & Grace marathon all afternoon and had a laugh, momentarily forgetting about the chaos in the world. Seems like I will be doing that a lot as the frequency of these kinds of stories picks up.

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