Boyle is back with a revelation

The world knew there was something, well, different about Susan Boyle. She skyrocketed to fame, at least in North America, thanks to a viral video on YouTube showing her auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent.

With the frizzy hair and frumpy dress, Boyle had the audience snickering and hysterically laughing before she’d even sung a note. And the rest is history: she wowed the audience, the judges and the world.

Naturally because she was unique in her appearance it had the media hovering to dissect exactly what was “wrong” with Boyle. Not that she had to answer to anybody but once you are in the spotlight it is sort of expected.

Following her time on Britain’s Got Talent, Boyle had public meltdowns caught on tape and the paparazzi loved every minute of it. Could she handle the fame? Was she beginning to crack? Everybody waited to find out. And soon Boyle went into hiding because she couldn’t handle being watched and analyzed every minute of the day.

Earlier this month Boyle made the announcement that she has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Did the revelation have anybody say, “OK, I knew it. That’s what it was”? Or will people have compassion and back off for a while? Better yet, while Boyle be viewed as someone to respect for having the courage to come forward?

Because Boyle’s peculiar antics are what the world fell in love with, it was odd how the tabloids looked to destroy her character. But like any other celebrity who comes forward to announce they are going to rehab, or that they are gay or that they are battling cancer, will Boyle be taken just as seriously as any of them?

Do I expect Boyle to be a role model now because she had the courage to open up about her personal life? I actually hope she doesn’t. I want her to be the same quiet and reserved, unassuming singing superstar we watched a few years ago.

I hope she has great health for many years to come and that she goes back into hiding to be comfortable as she doesn’t necessarily want the spotlight on her unless it is for her singing abilities. But I certainly applaud her for opening up.

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