Come on, be more like Bieber

Justin Bieber does it. George Clooney did it. Jennifer Aniston just recently did it. And never did I think I would ever link the three of them together.

I’m talking about imposing a cellphone ban. Yup, some of the biggest names in Hollywood now say, “If you’re gonna hang with me, leave the rest of the world out of it.”

It’s a good policy to have — especially for Bieber who is known to have all his incriminating moments captured on shaky cellphone pictures and videos. Bieber has been busted egging his neighbour’s house, peeing in a restaurant’s mop pail, cursing a U.S. president, and being an all-around goon.

For Clooney and Aniston, their respective weddings saw guests having to turn over their phones before things got started so as not to leak any pics or details to the paparazzi.

So now that these influential celebs have said enough is enough for the public-ness of all their personal time, do you think regular people will take note and make some adjustments to their social media blabbery?

In this column I have gone on the record to say I spend very little time on social media and even less time clutching my phone forever messaging people or snapping pics of my life. (After all, I wrote the book called Put Down Your Damn Phone Already). My phone is used for calls, emails and snapping the odd picture if something comes up.

While I don’t expect people’s phone addictions to go away anytime soon, I do hope people keep the “personal” in “personal life” and not consider their phone a secondary member of the household. Maybe I’m a couple of years too late on that hope.

As I like to say about restaurants nowadays: It’s dinner for two but a table for four since each person will have their phone out beside them.

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