Here’s to 150 years of success

We live in a great country. I’m not breaking any news with this column. Just stating a fact. And it’s far from fake news.

There’s something refreshing about Canada being looked up to by people around the world. As of late that envy seems to be coming from a certain country that shall go unnamed.

But in the weeks leading up to Canada’s 150th birthday, I have spent a lot of time thinking about all the crazy (in a good way) experiences I have had in this country.

For my syndicated radio shows, I get to travel around and explore different areas. It’s fun travelling through Mexico and the United States, but there is something more fun about checking out Canada.

I’ve been dog sledding in Yukon, snow shoeing through the Rockies, tidal bore rafting in Nova Scotia and a bunch of stuff in between. All have been incredible moments.

Over the past few weeks I have been co-producing a broadcast called Canada Day LIVE that is airing on Canada Day. During the 150-minute broadcast (airing at 1 p.m. at I chat with music artists from every province and territory in the country. Some of the chats have been pre-recorded so I can already tell you what the folks had to say.

We all have had the same experience: Anywhere we’ve gone outside of this country, we have been welcomed and treated incredibly well. Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies said that’s one of his favourite things about being a Canuck.

And then there are all of those online Canada Day polls quizzing you on your knowledge of the country and its history. They seemingly attempt to make you feel un-Canadian this time of year. I say hooey. I am proudly Canadian no matter how much or little I know about stuff that has largely been unimportant to me my whole life.

What I know for a fact is that I have the spirit and attitude that many, if not most, Canadians have. We are positive and loving and compassionate people. And with the Canada 150 campaign this year, it has brought all of that to the forefront in so many of us.

Happy Canada Day. (We look damn good for 150, don’t we?)

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