He’s not quite so untouchable now, is he?

I can’t really call myself a psychic or even take credit for anybody winning¬† money on Las Vegas bets, but any of you Justin Bieber watchers out there knew it was only a matter of time before the cutesy-teenybopper-turned-thug would get into serious trouble. And much to my delight – uh, I mean, chagrin – the Biebs was finally arrested and put in his place.

Not that I need to recap Bieber’s recklessness over the past year or so but it’s involved vandalizing property in foreign countries, allegedly egging his neighbour’s house prompting a police raid (last week), his crazy antics in nightclubs that frequently get him and his entourage kicked out (if not banned forever), increased drug use that apparently his own team is concerned about, insulting U.S. presidents in viral videos, urinating in a mop pail in a restaurant, spitting on paparazzi and threatening to do physical harm, getting caught leaving a South American brothel with prostitutes, and reports of driving at high speeds without care for public safety.

And it’s that last one, mixed in with some booze and drugs, that ultimately got Bieber pulled over, arrested and locked up. Please hold your applause. Though he was all smiles in his drunken mug shot, Bieber didn’t look too happy with all the paparazzi cameras once he sobered up.

While Bieber’s diehard fans had previously supported him no matter what he said or did, it seems that being a role model is something long gone for the former cutie. In fact, he looked downright vicious in his prison jumpsuit revealing arms covered in tattoos on Thursday morning.

It brings into question the future of his career. Not only does it affect his image but having a criminal record can prevent him from being allowed into some countries. Also, in the world of PR it will be increasingly difficult for companies to justify having Bieber for endorsement deals considering what his social activities and now criminal record include. Sure profits are important and a name like Bieber’s can help that, but at what cost. You don’t want your company known as a criminal supporter. Remember, now these details about his life are fact and not simply tabloid reports – there are police and court reports proving it.

In the grand scheme of things, do I wish him unwell? No, of course not. But you have to admit that there is a bit of sweetness when someone who previously thought he was untouchable – and arguably was, considering all the evidence of previous illegal activity – gets a smackdown and a reality check.

The big question remains: Is it enough to have Bieber change his ways or is he too far gone in the lifestyle to stop?

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