I don’t get “Baby on Board” signs

I’ve never understood what the “Baby on Board” sign means that hangs from the back window of automobiles. But over the last few weeks the message on it doesn’t seem to make sense.

I’ve often thought maybe it was alerting people that in the event of an accident that there is someone in the backseat. However, I’ve been told that it is cautioning other drivers to be careful when around that particular vehicle as there is a youngster back there.

So let me get something straight here- we should change our driving habits just because there is someone young in the car in front of us? Do we normally drive recklessly and only slow down or drive with care because someone has an infant in his or her vehicle?

The reason this has come to my attention recently is that I’ve been cut off three times in as many weeks by drivers of these automobiles. What that suggests to me is that the yield-shaped sign that wobbles back and forth as the car flies in front of me is that that driver is more important than me when on the road.

If I have to drive with care, it would stand to reason that these people – the ones with the “Baby on Board” – should exercise caution when driving too. Instead, they seem to be the roadway renegade that can fly down the street and swerve in front of others without paying attention to their precious cargo “on board.” And to top it off, if I rear-end them whose fault is it? Mine!

Instead of trying to find the fastest and easiest way to manoeuvre through busy streets, maybe mommy or daddy should be paying closer attention to what’s behind them instead of driving like Mario Andretti.

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