I love loving life

I talk a lot.  That’s no surprise given what I do for a living. And when you’re a writer you communicate with people every day and you learn how others view life.

In my office this morning a co-worker was giddy, saying she was “in a great mood.” I asked her why and she didn’t really have an answer. She admitted to me that she isn’t normally a happy-go-lucky person but for some strange reason she was almost hyperactive.

After giving me an unexpected hug, my co-worker said she envied me for always having a cheerful disposition. At first I didn’t know how she meant that but after further discussion she told me that it’s refreshing to see a person come in to work every day with a smile and always trying to make the best out of what, at times, can be stressful situations.

When the bundle of joy got back to work it made me wonder why I’m happy. Seems a bit odd to question your own happiness but that’s just my analytical way of thinking.

Piecing things together I realized that I have a very good relationship with my family, I enjoy the work that I do (not only because of the spontaneous hugging) and even when things do go awry it doesn’t change my outlook on life in general.

Continuing on my quest to find out what others think about my personality, I called a friend in B.C. and was told, “I love the fact that you always look at the big picture and find the positives with any situation.”

I think a lot of things changed a year-and-a-half ago when my grandma died and I had to give the eulogy at her funeral. It made me wonder how or why I took seriously all the things I took seriously in life. I started thinking about my reaction to situations and how I responded – was it positive or negative?

In my mind I flashed back to a moment that struck a nerve with me about five years ago when somebody said to me, “You’re a very negative person.” The tone of voice still resonates in my mind and I realize now that I wasn’t very likeable.

Things have changed, however, and a bubbly personality seems to be working because it makes me and others around me happy. And with so much negativity in the world I’m pretty sure people will continue to turn to me for their enlightenment when things get gloomy. If that’s something I’ll be remembered for, it ain’t that bad!

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