Idiot mom’s reckless actions cause middle-of-the-night Amber Alert

Many Canadians were woken up in the middle of the night thanks to an Amber Alert originating in Saskatchewan. It frightened people not only because of the blaring notification but also the fact that a six-year-old girl was missing.

The epileptic, autistic non-verbal girl was left in an unlocked and running car outside of a strip mall in North Battleford, Sask., according to police. It was then they report the car was stolen with the girl inside.

First, let me say, it’s great that the girl was found unharmed and is getting medical treatment. I’m not entirely heartless. Everybody involved is very fortunate no physical harm came to the girl. Absolutely. One hundred per cent.

Now, let me unload on Mom.

True, we haven’t heard Mom’s side of the story aside from a sobbing Facebook video that the kid is missing. We’re simply going by police reporting, which we should see as credible. Unless the woman changes her story at some point, it is believable that someone would steal a running, unlocked car from a parking lot.

I’m not a parent but I love dishing out parenting advice. So here goes.

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If I had any regard for my special-needs child, I sure as hell wouldn’t leave her unattended. I would be extra cautious anywhere I went in public, ensuring I didn’t leave her alone… in an unlocked car… that is running… at a mall. (Police said the girl wouldn’t have been able to free herself from her car seat, so if there’s one bright spot in all of this it’s that.)

But Mom, Mom, Mom. You’re an idiot. I understand you have gone through barely 24 hours of hell but come on.

Sure, we’re told not to blame the victim but in this case you are not the victim. The victim is your innocent child that you stupidly endangered. We’re not blaming your daughter. It’s not her fault she was born to a moron.

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A family friend told CBC News, “They have to barricade the Christmas tree so that she doesn’t take things she shouldn’t have.” Well, OK then, it stands to reason she can be left in a car THAT IS RUNNING. (That’s sarcasm.)

It’s a story with a happy ending but will parents face reckless endangerment charges now? Will they be ordered to undergo parenting lessons? What sort of punishment will the parents of little Emma O’Keeffe face?

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