Getting tipped off

The food was great, the service sucked but still I’m guilted into leaving a tip for the server that didn’t care about my dining experience because I should care about his or her finances.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s this whole attitude of tipping service workers because they “deserve” it and don’t make much money off their hourly wage.

Every year when the minimum wage increases, so too does the argument that many people aren’t fairly compensated for the work they do.

“Servers only get minimum wage and you certainly can’t live off that,” said one friend who is a server. My response: “Get another job.”

The majority of employees feel they are not fairly compensated by their employers. If you’re working for money, then work for money that you’ll be happy with. Personally, I work because I enjoy what I do and I view the pay as a bonus for having a good time.

I know too many people that, because they don’t like their job, say they should be paid more. Chances are these are also the people who doddle and slack off when it comes to productivity. But at the same time, their argument is they do it because they aren’t being paid enough. Get it? “I’m not paid enough so I’m not going to work very hard.”

Which begs the question, “How are you expecting to ever get a fair raise with that attitude?”

There’s nothing set in stone that says a food service worker or a hairdresser or a taxi driver – who makes “peanuts” – can’t ever get a raise and must live off their tips.

My recommendation is to be the employee that stands out from the rest and show you’re worth more and chances are you’d be surprised how your boss responds. (No, I’m not in human resources but I did major in communications.)

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