It was just one of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where you say to yourself, “What’s next? What could possibly happen next?”

It happened to me yesterday. I nearly fell down the stairs after I woke up and went down to the bathroom. After I finished my shower, I reached to the towel rack, pulled the towel and the rack went crashing to the ground.

As I fed the dogs, I crouched down to pick up the bowl but lost my balance and tipped the water bowl, sending wetness everywhere and almost put my head through the wall.

All that and I had barely been awake for 10 minutes.

Then, I went into my office to do the morning show entertainment call-ins I do with local American radio stations. I have done them for many years and it’s simply reading a script like we’re having conversation back and forth as we talk about celebrity stories. I was tongue tied and stuttering even though I was reading off a screen.

I read a bunch of emails. Nearly every word I typed in my replies was wrong or backward making me look dyslexic or drunk. Finally, I said to myself, “That’s it. I’ll come back to these.”

I went to the kitchen to make a smoothie. I had all the ingredients in the blender and fired it up. I know what you’re thinking: the top flew off and sent juice everywhere. Actually, the blender was too full so the liquid just oozed out the top while I left the room for a brief moment.

Looking at the clock, it wasn’t even 9 a.m. I thought to myself, “Should I just go back to bed and take a fresh crack at the day after a few more hours of sleep?”

Would doing that make the rest of the day better? Does stopping the madness for a little more rest actually make your co-ordination – or at least your luck – change? I thought it might. So, I went back upstairs to snooze the day away.

Well, it didn’t make a difference. I couldn’t make sense of anything that day.

Eventually I threw in the towel and said, “Tomorrow will be a better day.” And sure as shoot, I have typed this hole callem without insident. (Kidding!)

It’s strange how you can have such an off day for no reason and then bounce back to your awesome self the next day. I am in a stage of awesomeness today. Hope you’re having an awesome day, too. If not, I want to hear about it!

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