Murders are entertaining… but only when it’s pretend

With any senseless murder in the United States, naturally the whole gun control debate comes up. Saying if guns were illegal it would end the violence. Yes, changing a law is really going to prevent people from having weapons. Yeah, probably not. How many drugs are illegal yet people still find ways to get them, grow them or sell them?

We can’t say this instance is only an American situation. It very well could happen here, I get that. Our country has seen its share of murders. But in all honesty, I have lived in Canada for over 30 years, I know hundreds of people but I honestly don’t know anyone who owns a gun. Maybe it is that our laws are different but the overall mentality of people in this country is that they don’t feel so unsafe that they need to have weapons.

It’s one thing to argue that it is your right to have them and have one solely for that reason and then actually believing you need to be armed and on guard in your day-to-day life.

Odd that on TV, murders are considered entertainment. How many prime-time dramas revolve around homicide? I can’t even count the number.

Why when it actually happens in real life it’s a bad thing? How is it fun to watch when it’s only pretend but then when it plays out in real life it’s disturbing?

Until society becomes less violent on TV, film, in video games and on the internet, how will the mentality of people ever change? It is socially acceptable when we see it everywhere we look. At the same time, production companies keep making the garbage because people want to see it. Will the cycle ever end?

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