My thoughts really tipped off readers

My commentary about tipping really, well, reached a tipping point for readers. I was either applauded for expressing my opinion or torn to shreds by people who disagreed.

In case you missed it: I discussed how too many industries are expecting customers to pay for good service by way of tipping. Essentially, the consumer is having to reward an employee for doing their job. I noted how I visited a restaurant and practically had to serve myself yet the debit machine solicited a tip and, of course, I felt pressured to give because the employee was standing right there.

Ashley commented on Facebook: “I completely agree with you. I hate feeling guilted into giving more money for something I had already paid for. Unless they do a substantially good job, then yeah I’ll tip. But for servers to imply they deserve a tip regardless of their performance I think is absurd. I read your article in the paper and I enjoyed it a lot because it’s how I think and feel.”

Lyssa wrote, “I was at (a high-end) spa. I had a $144 massage and the attendant had the nerve to hand me a gratuity envelope with my cup of water after the massage. The massage is already overpriced and they want me to pay more on top of that? And of course you feel pressured when the envelope has “thank you” with a smiley face and your name written on it so they’ll know if you tip or not. It’s such an awkward position so of course you give them something so you don’t look bad.”

Someone called @BlameTag tweeted me, “Okay then, maybe get your own damn food? Thought this might be a joke a article (sic), but nope. This dude is just a monumental piece of crap.”

Ed commented on my website, “You’re already known as a cheapskate because of your book telling people not to spend money, do you really want to stiff service workers and encourage others to do the same? Your (sic) just screwing over the economy with that advise (sic).” (For the record, my book gives ideas for how to creatively save and cut costs so you have more to spend. It doesn’t tell people to hide money under the mattress and never use it.)

Sherry summed it up best: “I already pay enough for my thrown-together sub at (a fast-food restaurant) and I’m expected to tip because you stood behind the counter and put the ingredients that I point to? Not bloody likely. Get the money from your employer if you feel you deserve to be rewarded for every single sandwich you slap together.”

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