One more thing that’s not quite real

We’ve already figured out that the Kardashian reality show is far from real — much like many of their body parts, but let’s get the intro out of the way.

Loyal fans of the K klan hang on every word, every look, every tweet. But for the family that seemingly has it all – except the ability to keep it together – some major holes have been poked in the family’s credibility. Namely thanks to Kim.

The gals in the Kardashian family like to brag about their luxurious lifestyles and experiences and often tell the public they wish the everyday people could be there with them. Though we are now finding out that sometimes the Instagram pics and social media posts are a lie.

That’s right, Kim has been busted taking pics from Google Images and passing them off as her own. And she didn’t even get creative with it. She saved images from the first page of search results and posted them as her own.

The family was in Thailand earlier in the month and Kim posted a pic with the caption, “Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand.” Though thanks to Internet technology it is easy to do a search to see if that image is elsewhere online. And sure enough.

If you do a search on Google with the words “Thailand beach” you will see the image Kardashian posted was the exact one posted online by someone else. Now, we might be jumping on her because in her post she didn’t explicitly say she took the picture, but you could say it is implied that she was the photographer. (Ironic coming from someone who hates when people encroach on her business, hey? She’s potentially stealing someone else’s work.)

Because despite what many people think, downloading an image, saving it, and distributing it could violate copyright laws if someone wanted to pursue that. Much like music, Internet users feel that everything should be free and they can take content and do whatever they want with it. But if I was the photographer of that pic, I would sue her for millions!

And Kim also struck when she posted a pic of cherry blossoms and tried to pass that off as an image from Thailand. Problem is, the pic originated in Japan and belongs to another website.

So, about the credibility of a reality show star…

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