PODCAST: Celebs chat coronavirus

It’s been how many weeks in isolation now? Do the days of the week even matter anymore? Remember when the weather forecast impacted your day? Neither do I.

That’s the new world in which we live; where we stockpile liquor and give ourselves home haircuts. Seriously, I did last night. There was some overlap. The haircut was liquor related. Nevertheless, it turned out fine, and since I don’t have to be seen by the public for however many months, I’m in the clear as my hair grows out.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking with celebrity friends who are also in coronavirus lockdown. This is the one time we can say the rich and famous aren’t better off than the common folk. They’re in the same locked-down homes as you and me. Sure, their homes are worth more than yours and mine combined but you get my point.

Since everyone is looking to consume extra content to fill the endless hours of boredom at home – or just needing an escape from obnoxious family or roommates – we produced a special two-hour edition of The Scribble podcast.

  • Dr. Phil talks about how relationships have been affected with most people in close quarters during lockdown
  • Dr. Oz shares medical information and if he’s more worried now than when the outbreak started
  • Supernanny Jo Frost has tips for parents and their kids who had to turn homes into classrooms
  • The Biggest Loser host Bob Harper talks about how to stay fit and active while in isolation
  • Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan shares his insight about how pooches are feeling with family around 24-7 now
  • Entertainment host Ben Mulroney talks about what he’s watching and streaming while in quarantine
  • Comedian Wendy Liebman shares a laugh and helps lift spirits during this global health crisis
  • New Amsterdam’s Jocko Sims talks about how the hospital drama helped NYC hospitals during the pandemic

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