So, I tried that ‘staycation’ thing

I always laughed at the idea of a “staycation.” I figured it was a term people used when they couldn’t afford to travel or didn’t have any vacation time to go anywhere far.

Alas, in the year of the corona, I gave in. I had a staycation. (Do we need to put it in quotation marks now? Is it a real word? Meh, anyway.)

True, much of my time is split between Manitoba and California for work and as much as I complain about going back and forth so much, I’m kind of missing it now. I’ve been in Manitoba for nearly five months straight. That’s never happened in the past 10 years.

For Labour Day weekend, I gave in. I’d always wanted to stay at a local hotel. Not anywhere close to my house, but somewhere across the way — in an area I was unfamiliar.

I spend little time in downtown Winnipeg (aside from driving through it, no time at all). I stayed at Inn at the Forks. I’ve been to The Forks many times. It’s been about five years since I’d wandered around and explored the shops and different attractions.

Not many people were staying at the hotel, the restaurant wasn’t busy for dinner, the spa had a bunch of new safety rules so it was strange. It’s not a reflection on the property itself, it’s just the times we’re living in. The industries are hurting. (Honestly, the hotel suite was amazing, the food was great and the spa was relaxing).

I’d heard much about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and seen the oddly shaped building so many times but never gone inside. So, I checked it out. Knowing the controversies surrounding its creation and most recently the scandalous claims of internal harassment, I thought my opinion of the place would be tainted. It was a nice experience there.

I walked along the river, listened to people playing music, watched a family fly a kite, I had those little doughnuts (you know the ones!) and took a moment to enjoy the community.

It’s strange when we have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything, we look at staying put as punishment. When we’re forced to sit tight (though with media an essential service, I’ve always been free to travel) we venture out into our own surroundings and appreciate the opportunity to explore our own backyards.

Having said all that: Yes, I’m hopping on the nearest plane to anywhere when I feel comfortable enough to travel again!

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