The most shocking scandal ever

It used to be that daytime talk shows were considered “trash TV” with the likes of Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake and all the other guest-punching screaming-match outlets. That has since made way to the reality show.

They are nothing new. Many of them still popular but so played out TV networks don’t know when to pull the plug, but they are determined to milk every last penny out of their prized franchises.

The one franchise that has confused me as of late is the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad/Bachelor in Paradise shows. Initially they seemingly genuinely wanted people to find love. Later we heard that as seasons went on producers brought on “villains” (people already in relationships or just wanting to become famous or something) to spice things up and get audiences buzzing. It worked.

Frequently dubbing seasons “the most shocking season ever” fans soon began to mock the phrase suggesting that it was overused and ultimately only attempted to sensationalize the conclusion.

The latest season’s scandal was when the rejected single guy continued to plead his case to the bachelorette in the hopes she would reconsider her decision of getting engaged to someone else only to have his numerous embarrassing attempts fall flat.

During a followup show he noted how the two “made love” which shocked the bachelorette, to which she responded saying bringing up their private times was “below the belt” and “classless.”

Though it does bring up the question: When you agreed to be on a show where you are literally followed around by cameras all day, can you really expect anything to be private? And should anything be off limits once you waive your rights to that privacy when you signed on the dotted line?

If you aren’t familiar with the show, when it is down to the final two contestants, each is invited to the “fantasy suite” which is full of candles, wine, rose petals, lavish comfy bed – you know, the kind of stuff you have for a good night of Scrabble. Why the bachelorette felt betrayed that her jilted guy revealed they had sex was a shock, I don’t really know.

Either way, the bachelorette is purportedly happy with her temporary fiancé. We’ll see how things play out now that they’re in the real world and not a manufactured “fantasy.”

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