This better not be an I-told-you-so

It’s been a long time since I’ve commented about Justin Bieber in this column. (I do, however, talk about him frequently on my entertainment radio show.) This time it’s not about his arrogance, though almost any sort of commentary one makes will have an audience feel strongly one way or the other on that.

This time it is about his crazed fans. In short: they are psychotic. And that’s not normally a word you should use in a newspaper to describe people but I will prove my point with quotes from his crazed fans.

Bieber is seen half-naked in a new Calvin Klein ad. You might recall, anytime Bieber is rumoured to be in a new relationship, his flavour of the month often gets harassing and threatening messages on social media. This time, the girl in question is a model pictured with Bieber in the ads – not even romantically linked to the Canadian wannabe thug. And as gossip website TMZ noted, the mob is out for blood.

Posted by TMZ: “One girl was direct, tweeting, “I’ll kill that girl.” In case it was too subtle, the chick followed the threat up with emojis of 3 guns and a knife, and a collage, featuring a girl brandishing a gun. Another girl was just as crazy, saying, “hi bitch i hate u. touch justins d*** again and ill kill u im not joking.”And there’s this … “back off or i’ll kill you, please and thanks. no pressure :)”

(Can we agree that “psychotic” is an appropriate word now?)

So while teenage Bieber might have loved the attention from crazed fans I can only imagine how the grownup Bieber is dealing with it. Granted, he’s probably too busy with his booze, drugs and hookers to pay much attention so he probably just rolls his eyes now.

Bieber has in the past — and now would be a good time to continue — stuck up for the girls in question through playful posts on social media. And maybe the hate happens so often that he just brushes off the drama.

But all it takes is one sad and desperate girl to act on such threats and this will turn into one of those situations where we can’t say, “Wow, never saw this coming.”

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