We love dead celeb scandals

You can’t just die with dignity in Hollywood. As soon as your pulse stops all your skeletons get released from that closet.

Of course I’m talking about the untimely death of Michael Jackson a couple weeks ago. While most of the world mourned and was grief stricken for days, immediately the tabloid frenzy began and investigations looked to uncover Jackson’s shady private life.

Mission: accomplished.

Since his death last month, there has been a constant stream of gossipy, juicy, trashy stories about what was happening behind the scenes.

Why is this stuff making headlines around the world? Why does it matter what he did behind closed doors? The simple answer is the public loves a steamy celebrity scandal. That’s why there are so many tabloids out there. People eat up the info and it’s a goldmine for advertisers.

So, is this saying something about the nasty tabloids that never give celebrities a moment’s rest? Or is it saying something about the public that enjoys reading the trials and tribulations of the rich and famous? Do we enjoy seeing those we imagine to have the perfect life experience hardships and setbacks?

Essentially, are we the cause of their drug abuse and crazy antics because they need some sort of escapism from our prying eyes?

Often we wish people to “rest in peace” but any death that happens in a public platform seems to be exempt from that wish. All of a sudden the deceased loses all dignity and no secret is left uncovered.

On the positive side, at least the wait is usually until the person dies. But it’s sad that for many, Michael Jackson’s death will be about scandal instead of recognizing his success.

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