When stupid teens defend stupid teens taking naked selfies

The Twitter mob once again attacked me. Though, in fairness, this time it was a gaggle of teen girls who didn’t appreciate my advice as an adult.

Let’s rewind.

Last week, Kellyanne Conway (remember, formerly from the Trump administration) was thrust into the spotlight (again) when a topless photo of her 16-year-old daughter was posted to Kellyanne’s Twitter account.

The mother-daughter duo has had public spats in recent months, often playing out on social media. In fact, Claudia is often called an attention seeker online who’s trying to cash in on the Conway name since both of her parents are famous. Husband/father, George, was a vocal opponent of Pres. Trump, prompting his marriage to Kellyanne to face constant scrutiny.)

There’s been much speculation as to what really happened. Nothing has been confirmed, though the thoughts are that Kellyanne’s account was hacked; the teen girl posted it to sabotage her mom; or Kellyanne accidentally posted it.

Seeing as Kellyanne is a high-profile lawyer, I personally doubt she would’ve posted that type of questionable content of a minor.

The night the world was talking about the story, I tweeted a link to my column from this paper that was entitled, “Hey, kids: Have more self-respect than taking nude pics for attention.” And, boy, did that piss off the teens on Twitter.

See, the column is, well, self explanatory based on its title. It’s an adult telling kids to respect their bodies, not exploit themselves for attention and not think that a hack or “leak” will generate the type of buzz it does for a celebrity.

For their part, the female attackers bombarded me with messages and challenged stance, going so far as saying I was condoning child abuse and child porn by blaming “the victim” — in this case, Claudia, though the commentary was written long before this scandal.

My argument was that if a teen didn’t take dangerous photos in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened. That was met with the rebuttal that Claudia was a “kid” and “kids do stupid things.”

Respectfully, 16 isn’t a kid anymore. You know what you’re doing when you’re taking naked selfies. Sorry, I’m not buying the “girls will be girls” excuse. And yes, I’m putting those statements in quotes because that’s what was fired at me. Of course, they threw in a bunch of $10 words to try sound smarter but they were horribly misplaced in the rapid-fire remarks.

Nevertheless, my commentary gives youngsters advice about being respected for their mind and personality, and not the physical superficial traits that get attention on social media.

Somehow, that made me a “predator” and “insecure, weak little man.” Seriously. Bad, bad me.

It goes to show that teens will be teens and do whatever the heck they want nowadays, no matter how dangerous or stupid the actions might be. I think back to one of my other previous columns called, “I’m glad I’m not a kid in today’s world.”

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