When the past comes back to bite ya…

It is interesting how actions unrelated to work can affect your career for the rest of your life.

I don’t need to recap the Paula Deen N-word scandal, as you’ve already heard how she’s lost business deals with Walmart, Target, JC Penney, QVC, Caesars Entertainment, Home Depot and so on and so on.

Singer – and woman beater – Chris Brown made international headlines when he roughed up Rihanna before the Grammys a few years ago. And he’s been paying for it ever since.

Brown just had his probation revoked after he appeared before the judge regarding a traffic accident back in May. Brown hasn’t kept his nose clean per the judge’s orders and things could get worse. And by worse I mean jail time.

But hopefully before that happens, Brown will have a rockin’ concert in Dartmouth, N.S. – despite it having lost its sponsors.

Brown is slated to perform next month but because of his reputation as a thug and a violent offender, Brown isn’t getting any love from corporate sponsors as they are pulling their support quicker than Brown can show Rihanna the back of his hand.

Rogers pulled out and a rep said it was because the company didn’t know who was slated to headline (that’s Brown) the summer music festival called Energy Rush at Alderney Landing.

A local spa was on tap to be a major sponsor but the owner of A Touch of Radiance said, “It’s an unfortunate situation, what happened. We just found that his past and what happened with him does not align well with our values as a company.”

The show’s promoter said, “I’ve never seen anything like it. I believe it’s a very slippery slope when we start trying to censor or to dictate who can or cannot perform in this province.” Even the local mayor has chimed in because of how the story has blown up on social media.

Elsewhere across Canada, including in Winnipeg, the response is completely different, according to the promoter, saying it is “nothing short of electric and overwhelmingly positive.”

What a shocker that Chris Brown is getting a warm reception in Winnipeg: the street gang, violent crime and Murder Capital of Canada.

BYOBV – Bring your own bulletproof vest.

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