Is Hollywood full of itself? Well, duh!

It’s awards show season. Oddly, it lasts longer than a traditional season here in Canada but I guess they call it that because the cluster of shows in January and February is a great way to start off the year and pat insecure celebs on the back.

Somewhere along the line the purpose of an awards show was to recognize hard work by the men and women in showbiz. It was a competition. Now it’s a competition about who wears what.

The red carpet arrivals are viewed by nearly as many people as the actual awards show that follows. Red carpet broadcasts stretch to be two hours of “who are you wearing?”

Granted, a red carpet isn’t the time and place to get into a deep line of questioning just because of the chaos that is happening all around, but at least something aside from “what time did you start getting ready today?” and “who designed your clutch?” would be more interesting. And it took me a long time to figure out a clutch is like a mini purse.

With the over-saturated awards broadcasts it makes it difficult for viewers to remember what happened and which shows recognize what.

I had dinner with my parents but had to bolt because the Golden Globes were that night and I recap the festivities for radio stations the next morning.

“Is that for music or TV?” my mom asked of the Globes.

I told her it’s for movies and TV and she asked, “Isn’t that the Emmys?”

“And People’s Choice Awards,” I added.

She then asked, “And Grammys is music, right?”

My response: “Yes, so are the ACMs, CMAs, CMT Awards, Billboard Awards, AMAs, ACAs, Latin Grammys and a few others.”

I don’t know of any other industry — and correct me if I’m wrong — that has as many self-gratifying (or glorifying) events as show business.

Do the work like any other employee and be happy collecting the paycheque. Must there be a parade and confetti with every successful task that is completed?

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