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Jeremy Bradley is a syndicated newspaper columnist, radio host and author. He is host of the top 40 music show Top of The Charts, country music show The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley, and daily celebrity headline show Entertainment Wrap Up.

JB was twice named outstanding talk media webcaster by TALKERS magazine. In addition to his hosting duties, JB is also an entertainment reporter for local morning radio shows where he chats with celebrities and covers red carpet events in New York and Hollywood.


WHAT'S IN A NAME? -- The name SlutWalk got attention when it first started but is it enough to keep people interested in the protest?

SHOULD WE REFOCUS? -- When Sept. 11 rolls around is the constant news footage allowing people to move on?

SOCIAL MEDIA IS A LOT LESS SOCIAL -- WIth so many ways to keep in touch are people any better at communicating?

EVERYBODY IS A REPORTER THESE DAYS -- Thanks to social media, everybody seems to report on "breaking news" and takes pride in alerting everyone about what is going on. But is it ruining true journalism?

SHOULD WE BE ABLE TO PICK OUR DEATH DATE? -- There is controversy when a woman wants to choose when she dies

TAKE IT EASY -- North Americans are so busy rushing around but if we just slow down life can be so much better
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As a celebrity reporter, JB gets an inside look at what really happens in Hollywood. Having interviewed hundreds of stars and attended dozens of red carpets, get the inside scoop on the Hollywood lifestyle in this weekly syndicated newspaper column.

THE MOST SHOCKING SCANDAL EVER -- The Bachelor fans hear this over and over again. Is it true?

THE SHOW MUST GO ON... AND ON... AND ON... -- CNN prides itself on wall-to-wall coverage of a breaking story but it doesn't know when to cut away and get back to regularly scheduled programming.

HOLLYWOOD TAKES ITSELF TOO SERIOUSLY -- And awards show season is a prime example!