Remember social distancing when burning down your city

I understand being pissed off about something happening in your city. But to be part of a mob that violently protests whatever the issue is and contributing to mass destruction of your hometown — well, that’s just stupid.

Minneapolis erupted in rage this week after a man was killed by police. By now you’ve heard about George Floyd who died while being arrested by officers for allegedly passing a fake $20 bill. The officers were quickly called racist and news headlines blared that ‘it’s happened again’: white police officers targeting a black person.

That’s where the Minneapolis mob took over. Within hours, the streets were filled with people shouting, carrying “black lives matter” signs and destroying public and private property. Stores were looted, fights broke out and fires were set. For some reason, we’re meant to hear their message: Violence isn’t the answer.

Hear my message: You’re a bunch of animals.

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The goons might’ve felt some gratification in smashing their way into stores or lighting property on fire, but when the dust settles (literally) and the smoke clears (literally), they’re going to pay for it (literally).

There’s a good chance that businesses affected by the melee will have insurance but they might be forced to (or decide to punish the community and) raise the cost of their products or services. Damage to city property could ultimately be passed onto taxpayers.

So, yahoo! You made your point and destroyed your city but in a roundabout way you’ll likely cover some of the costs when all is said and done.

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I absolutely agree that protesting is a right that people should exercise as they see fit. There’s also that term “peaceful protest” which is much more respectable.

It’s hard to take seriously people who are acting the fool and causing widespread destruction upon the place they are seemingly defending. It’s like protesting gas-guzzling vehicles and saying, “I love my car and you’ll never take it away from me…” while purposely driving it into a tree. Who are you teaching a lesson?

You’re fed up with how people are treated, demanding people not live in fear, that you go on a violent rampage that destroys their things and instils fear amongst them. Seems counterproductive, no?

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