Seeing how much Yukon handle there

“A real-life caveman, removing a can-can dancer’s garter belt with my teeth and downing a shot with a dead human toe touching my lips. It’s all this week on Top of The Charts.”

That’s how we promoted my internationally syndicated radio shows last week. A few times per year we take the show on the road for spring break, summer vacation and Christmas holiday broadcasts.

We partner with local tourism boards and business owners to promote the area and its offerings to the 1.2 million listeners of the shows.

The concept is simple: come up with weird — but fun — things to do while in town and broadcast the bizarre antics to the world.

Admittedly, when I think wild and crazy, Yukon is not the first place that comes to mind. When I read the itinerary I shook my head and wondered, “How are we going to beat the last show?”

Granted, there was nothing zany about the trip to Puerto Vallarta earlier this year. I went swimming with dolphins, tequila tasting and drinking with pirates — OK, maybe now that I read that back it seems a little different.

Nevertheless, Yukon offered me an opportunity to put to rest the, well, I can’t even say preconceived notions I had about the place because I didn’t know much about it to begin with.

There is an energy and spirit amongst the people who live there — and it’s not just because they down liquor with a blackened toe in the shot glass.

Alas, after five days of exploring Whitehorse and Dawson City, it was time to come home. It was only once I came back and scrolled through the pictures and listened to the audio that I truly appreciated the experience. I don’t get a chance to live in the moment while on location as I am too worried about the production aspect of our shows.

Would I go back to Yukon? Sure. The tourism folks were already trying to book my 2014 trip… while I was still there.

Since you’re dying to check out the crazy antics, you can go to

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