I don’t feel sorry for Melania

Much has been made about the relationship Melania Trump has with her husband, the president — and alleged adulterer – Donald Trump.

We have seen her swatting his hand and avoiding his kiss but at the end of the day, lots of people feel sorry for her. I don’t.

It’s argued that she married him and didn’t sign up to be first lady and that has prompted her resentment and displeasure in the relationship. People say she can’t be blamed for feeling awkward about living in the White House since, when she married the guy, he wasn’t in politics.

Of course there has been speculation since they got together that she’s just after Donald’s money and that he just wants arm candy to call a wife. You’ve heard those stories, I’m not breaking any news here.

None of us truly knows if there is love in that relationship. We can only guess — and potentially judge — based on what we see. By all accounts it seems like she gives him the cold shoulder. Is it because she just wants his money and not the spotlight? Is it because he’s involved in cheating scandals with porn stars? Who knows.

As for feeling sorry for her: why? She’s an adult. She’s now become a celebrity. Her life won’t be over if she leaves her man. If anything, she could see her career skyrocket if she divorces him.

Is she being held hostage? Does she feel she will have no job prospects as a single mother? Is she staying with the father of her child just to keep the family together? Is the marriage just emotionless and easy money for her?

Whatever the answers, the bottom line is if she is so educated and professional (and quite frankly sane) then she is capable of making changes in her life to ensure she’s happy.

If at the end of the day she doesn’t want genuine love and instead to just enjoy a guy’s money then why do we have an emotional reaction to the relationship that wasn’t intended to have emotions attached?

As I said, the ins and outs of their relationship are between the two of them, but as people watching on the sidelines, are we wasting our energy feeling compassion for those who didn’t even expect it from their own union?

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