It’s about time we see pageant contestants aren’t perfect

I must admit I’ve always thought of beauty pageants as something stupid. I don’t really understand the titles people win.  This week the headlines of Miss USA possibly getting dethroned caught my attention.

The ambassador of the States is supposed to make public appearances and give addresses to groups and inspire females to be goal oriented and successful.

But the crown of Miss USA has been tarnished since it was learned that 20-year-old Tara Conner is entering rehab among numerous other scandalous revelations that present her as a less than ideal role model for young women, according to pageant officials.

I think, however, she’s a perfect person to hold the title. Rather than just being another pretty face and a grinning perfect super beauty, we now have the opportunity to see a promising young woman who truly wants to change her life around.

If this title of Miss USA is so highly regarded then she will have an inspirational story once she has cleaned up her act and she really can mentor people about making the right decisions in life. Or we compare that to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood celebrities who are underage partiers and think it’s cool to be socially irresponsible and have no plans to change. Now we’ve got a real woman who wants to prove that she can turn her life around and I think that’s the ultimate role model for young people.

Let’s look at it this way: we elect government officials who have a less than squeaky clean past, right? Do we really view any of these politicians as a role model? Not usually. Pretty soon we’ll have this young woman who is viewed as a hero and a great representative for her gender and able to speak from personal experiences about overcoming obstacles to achieve success. That’s a story I’d much rather hear than the usual, “I wish for world peace.”

It’s about time we lose the perception that these pageant contestants are perfect and we see a young woman who reflects the lifestyle of today’s society.

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