This season’s reality idiot

Timothy Poe is an idiot. There, I said it. I’m an adult and it’s immature to call people names, but he’s quite stupid.

If the name sounds familiar, Poe is the guy at the centre of the controversy on America’s Got Talent this season. He said he suffered a brain injury while serving in Afghanistan. Problem is, the military says there’s no record of that injury and the photo he gave to producers is of someone else.

Do you see where the idiot thing comes in?

Poe’s emotional story brought tears to everyone’s eyes and the judges loved his performance that he advanced to the next round on the reality show. It only took a few days for the poop to hit the fan and the alleged hero got a taste of the tabloids.

You see, in today’s Internet age it is not easy to pull a fast one on the media – or the general public, for that matter. Simple Google searches can sometimes show the truth.

Being in media for as long as I have, I know that once reporters feel deceived, they will be out to ruin you. And in fact with a lie such as this we’ve seen many people – including Poe’s ex-wife – come forward to share their stories and confirm the public’s belief that a person is indeed scum.

Poe claims he accidentally sent the wrong picture and that he hasn’t knowingly lied despite changing his story a few times.

As we know, American’s highly regard their men and women in uniform so naturally they have responded exactly as you’d expect: Poe has had death threats.

The general consensus is people serving overseas are heroes. Whether or not you agree with the mission they are on is one thing but they are putting their lives on the line and doing something most of us wouldn’t have the balls for. I’ll be the first to admit I would never have the guts to do their job.

So to pass yourself off as one of “them” – granted, he did serve less than a month – and deceive the country for which you served, it does make you top of the poop pile… and a real idiot.

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