Tidying up some TV tidbits

Let’s tidy up some TV tidbits.

The Amazing Race is back and this time it’s got a group of all-stars. Because I am not tuned into message boards or online chatter I had no idea that viewers were mad about the returning teams. I put out a call on my syndicated radio shows for questions for host Phil Keoghan.

Little did I know I would be bombarded by upset TV watchers saying there was outrage about the cast this season. My thoughts were, “Is a show really that important to you that you would be so upset?” The answer, apparently, is yes.

It was hard to judge based on the numbers from the first two weeks of the show. Amazing race premiered opposite the Olympics Closing Ceremony (43 million viewers) and then the week after that it went up against the Oscars (15.12 million viewers). Race pulled 6.17 million viewers and 6.04 viewers respectively.

In an attempt to get an audience again, CBS reran the first two episodes on a Saturday night – not a big night for TV watchers. No real success on that.

We’ll see how this season goes. You can hear the chat with Keoghan at www.speakfreecelebwatch.com.

And there is scandal on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. (Insert gasp here) Apparently houses shown from the outside don’t actually belong to the Kardashians. Why? They say they want their privacy. Imagine that. The family that tweets, Facebooks and Instagrams life draws the line at showing the outside of houses.

When the season finale aired earlier this month, it was also clear that even the robotic-sounding girls aren’t helped at all by the show’s editors. I pulled a brief audio clip from that show and posted it online. I didn’t do anything to the audio – it’s not edited by me in any way. Listen very closely to Kourtney talking: www.speakfreecelebwatch.com/kardashclip.mp3

Finally, if you watched The Bachelor finally you probably said the same three letters that I did: WTF. What a doozy! Juan Pablo lived up to the hype that he was truly the worst Bachelor ever. And there are reports that producers said the exact same thing.

It probably didn’t help JP’s case that even his own family – his very own mom – called him rude and didn’t give him glowing reviews with his finale two contestants. In the end, he settled for the grinning blonde who he said he really, really likes. He wouldn’t say he loved her during the season finale.

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