We should celebrate the year as it ends

It is that time of year when we plan to make changes — drastic and not — in our life. It is the standard working out or quitting smoking resolutions people will break… I mean, make. Well, either way. Coincidentally I am writing this on my treadmill – I gained four pounds over Christmas.

Sometimes we will plan to do more for others and be more charitable. Maybe we will try to make more time for ourselves.

But new year’s resolutions always seem to focus on what we want to change about our lives. It is about looking at the year ahead and trying to rid ourselves of the past. How many times have you heard (or said yourself), “Thank god the year is over”? Generally most people say that about every year.

On Jan. 1 we start anew and not look back. We brush off the previous year like we barely made it through to the end of December with the hopes of January being the beginning of a new era.

That’s all fine and dandy but I can almost guarantee you that whimsical point of view and outlook will barely last a couple of weeks.

Why don’t we celebrate the year that was? Why don’t we look back and say, “Holy cripes, I achieved a lot this year? Let me take a moment to reflect on all of my accomplishments and hope the year doesn’t end at the stroke of midnight?”

Instead we go into a new year somewhat optimistically negative. By that I mean we tend to focus on bad habits (junk food, laziness, smoking) and do very little planning for success that we give up and go back to our old ways.

Not that I am a life coach or motivational speaker but I think going into a new year reflecting on the great times we leave behind from the past 12 months is more forward looking.

I am not suggesting not making resolutions but I am recommending taking a look back at the year and celebrating the positive, too.

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