Breaking the silence

There’s nothing like laying outside on a warm summer afternoon listening to the birds chirping and the other sounds of country life.

Of course, by that I mean the revving of a motorcycle firing up and ready to shoot gravel and dust in the air. Nothing breaks a peaceful silence like a machine that sounds like a chainsaw as it speeds down the road.

What I’ve never understood is how people feel comfortable being in the open with no real protection (other than a helmet… usually) zipping down the street. There are times when, even in an enclosed car, I don’t feel comfortable and safe.  At least in a car there’s a dashboard or a seat in front of me offering protection in the event of an accident.

Many motorcyclists also live by their own set of rules when it comes to speed limits and other aspects of driving. (Yes, I know the same can be said for drivers of other vehicles.)  There are many times a person can be chugging along in a car or truck and have a motorcycle go whipping by. Since when did these drivers/riders not have to abide by the laws? Did I miss something where there’s a rule that motorcyclists can use light-speed when travelling?

I understand that no vehicle guarantees that passengers will never be injured, but with a bit more care, people who operate these vehicles would see fewer accidents. The same thing can be said for people who speed in a car or truck or SUV.  Those vehicles can claim a life just like a motorcycle.

But it’s when hot-rodding motorcyclists dress to impress, put the pedal to the metal and throw caution to the wind, bad, fatal things happen. How do I know? Look at how high insurance rates are getting for motorcycles.

Is it really worth the risk to try look cool?

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