Cashing in on baby

When your entire life is posted, shared, liked and followed, it is a little shocking when all of a sudden you go silent – or invisible, in the case of Internet writing.

But that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian did after she had a baby girl. As millions of her fans waited on the edge of their seats to learn the details about the soon-to-be-most-spoiled-kid in Hollywood, Kardashian – and the rest of the K klan – was noticeably silent.

It had people worried. It had people in a panic. As an entertainment reporter, it had me laughing.

Was I concerned that something awful had happened to Kardashian or the little bundle of joy? Not in the slightest. Did I think she just needed some privacy since her life had changed forever? Heavens, no. Was there a planned absence after baby was born? Of course.

Anytime a celebrity couple has a baby – and arguably Kardashian and baby daddy Kanye West are the hottest human breeders going right now – there is a bidding war for magazines and tabloids to get the first baby pics.

Without even knowing who is putting up the cash, I already knew a front-page magazine cover was in the works.

When Kardashian’s sister, Kourtney, had her second kid, apparently she and baby daddy Scott Disick attempted to land a big payday for the first photos, however since Kourtney isn’t the most popular Kardashian daughter – and the fact it was her second kid – there wasn’t much of a fight for who would get the exclusive pics. In fact, there wasn’t enough interest to consider them “exclusive” pics. Everyone was waiting for Kim’s baby.

Despite Kim saying her baby wouldn’t be front and centre on her E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and that private life will remain private, there’s only so much privacy a fame whore can take before they bust out and shamelessly draw attention to themselves yet again.

Have no fear, Kardashian fans. The brief downtime while Kiki shopped around the baby pics passed and she will be one of those nauseating parents blasting you dozens of daily pics of the cute little baby. The only difference is most of those pics will be earning her money since she’ll be hawking the goods shown in the images.

Remember, having babies is all about the money in Hollywood.

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