Racist by association is the new way of the world

Last week, I predicted I would get a barrage of hate mail because I’m white and commented on a story involving a black woman. Even if you didn’t read the column, that’s all you need to know because, sadly, that’s how society reacts these days.

I chimed in on The Talk drama involving Sharon Osbourne and former co-star Sheryl Underwood. It revolved around Osbourne essentially losing her job because she stuck up for friend, Piers Morgan, after he lost his job for commenting on Meghan Markle.

The raging debate is that Morgan is racist because he doesn’t like Markle. That’s it. He’s never said anything about her culture, heritage or race — he’s just racist. He is. Full stop. Nothing you say will change the facts. Osbourne tried and look what happened.

When I chimed in with my thoughts on The Talk’s conversation about race I was mobbed on social media and told to shut up because I’m a racist privileged white guy who hates women. Yup. That’s me. I said nothing about race or gender but that’s the narrative.

The reality is (based on social media reactions) that if the mob doesn’t agree with you, you’re wrong, you’re despicable, you’re disgusting and you should die. Really, those are all insults that have been hurled at me just for — get this — having an opinion someone disagreed with.

If we do the math on this, you’ll find that everybody around you, every single person, should be “cancelled” because there is something upon which they won’t agree with you 100 per cent.

Where is the line? Is it only the “important” issues that should get us cancelled? And who decides what’s “important” anyway? Politics or gender might be everything to you, but they’re not to me.

Celebrities and politicians get cancelled when they’re involved in a rape scandal, sure. Most people agree with that because rape is widely frowned upon by the general public. But there are people who might defend an accused celeb and right away, they’re cancelled by association. By today’s logic, would that make the defender a rapist, too?

If you’re racist by association without having done anything, that means you surely are forcing sex upon people if you have the nerve to defend a rapist. Again, where’s the line?

I got an email from “Matrix305” (no name attached, so naturally you always take seriously that criticism) saying, “You column is so racist its disguting. You should shut you mouth until you know what you talk about.” Yes, I left the grammar and typos in there for effect.

Take note. It’s these highly educated and civilized individuals deciding who should remain living in today’s society.

As I’ve stated numerous times in this column, I welcome different opinions and even a challenging debate, however when you name call or insult you absolutely lose all credibility in any point you’re trying to make. (Not to mention horrible spelling works against you.)

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