Do we really care about the babies?

It’s the baby the world was waiting for. No, not the Kardashian kid that was born last month, I’m talking about the Royal baby for Prince William and Kate. Arguably these are the two babies that have created the most buzz around the globe. But why?

There is a strange fascination with celebrity babies and in the case of Kardashian and William they are both sort of famous for being famous. Kardashian is famous because she had sex… on tape… and it was leaked on the Internet. William is famous because he was born… into a family… of Royal status.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not discrediting William’s military work whatsoever. He is doing something I wouldn’t have the gonads to do. But it’s not his military service that has made him famous.

So what is it about the offspring that has us so intrigued? And moreover, why do we wait months and months and then lose interest once the baby arrives after we see the first couple of pics?

Granted, there is a lot of hype surrounding some celebrity babies but once born and the pregnancy hoopla disappears it really does make you wonder why we spent so much time anticipating the arrival of a kid we’ll never meet.

Both Kardashian and William have siblings. One of Kardashian’s sisters has two kids and while there was great fanfare for the first arrival, the second baby barely got any tabloid time at all. (I wonder if that will cause arguments when they get older: “I was on more tabloid covers than you when I was a baby. Nah-nah-nah!”)

But when word came out that Kim was expecting her baby with Kanye West it – the fetus – was instantly more popular than Kardashian’s sister’s second baby.

The question still remains: we are so fascinated with the parents and does our interest in the kid hold steady once the baby arrives? Do you think there will be people (meaning Kardashian fans or Royal watchers) who will keep tabs on the new arrival as much as they do the parents?

I am not anti-baby or anti-Royal or, well, maybe a little anti-Kardashian, but aside from being happy the couple is blessed with a healthy baby, I’m not sure if we common folk should be as enthralled with celebrity offspring as we are.

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