No nudity, but let’s see more murders please

The increased violence we see on the news and in TV shows has me wondering why we still can’t see certain things on the “boob tube.” You’ll understand why I chose that phrase in just a second.

In the world of live news and instant coverage of stories as they happen, we see some not-so-nice images of gore and despair. But enough about reality, let’s flip over to primetime TV and escape into a happier land. Oh wait a second, that’s just as bad as watching the news.

I received an email from a man who ventured to a nude beach this summer and had his first brush with the idea of being unclothed in public. While he was unsure about baring all, after experiencing it, he found it to be freeing and liberating. But then he made comparisons about society’s unwillingness to accept the human body – because for the most part we all have the same parts as each other – and the willingness to accept the morbid violent side of life.

The man likened it to grisly details of a recent Manitoba murder. He said we hear explicit details of the murder happening but can’t see a nude human body.

Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t talking about having pornography on TV, but a nude scene in a movie or something tasteful or informative.

His question to me was: “Are we that messed up that a nude body frightens us but seeing violence thrills us?”

The man gave an example of a news story about breast cancer and the exposed body part blurred on screen as opposed to showing the actual breast having a mammogram.

This begs the question of why a story about a medical procedure is censored.

What is my answer? “I have no idea.” To me I see total relevance of informing viewers – especially men – who don’t know exactly what happens during certain female medical procedures. Would I be getting off on seeing something like that? Of course not. Would I be more informed as a viewer and have a better understanding? Absolutely.

But I guess my view of what details are important is totally different than the wonderful world of sensationalism.

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