So, about that #OscarsSoWhite thing

On the heels of my commentary about racism last week, I can’t help but mention the “#OscarsSoWhite” movement that has taken social media by storm.

When the Oscar nominations were announced a few weeks ago, people were quick to criticize the lack of diversity amongst the academy’s nominees.

Rather than celebrating a person’s performance, onlookers are secretly tallying colours in the background. This is sad but also somewhat comical to me.

Little does it have to do with your talent, award nominations have a whole other set of criteria, according to some.

There is something to be said for an industry that has a whole “season” of patting itself on the back though. I don’t know any other group that celebrates its work and puts on glitzy events to recognize itself so often. Really, think about it.

Do firehouses have regular awards? Highest rescue from a burning building. Fastest run with burn victim over your shoulder? Most rescues in a single year? Firefighters have a damn tough job that is worth recognizing, don’t they?

So to me it is hilarious that members of Hollywood’s workforce are calling for a boycott of the Oscars in a few weeks and starting to reassess their participation in awards shows.

I just wish they would take off the victim hat and see it for the bigger picture: You people are full of yourselves and shouldn’t take things too seriously — which again is ironic considering some of the ridiculous and outrageous roles they play as actors.

But yes, you’ll always be a victim if you spin it that way.

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