And what if he called her a ‘black girl’?

I love how racist the world has become. And before you jump on me for that comment, hear me out — or read me out, I guess.

I probably should have put “racist” in quotation marks because in an overly sensitive society we have to tiptoe around what we say depending on who is around.

There is a contestant on The Bachelor — yes, all good arguments come from trash TV — who is a black former military member. On the first episode of the season she made a comment that females in the military are stereotyped. She didn’t elaborate exactly what the generalizations are, essentially leaving it up to the viewer to guess.

Given the current state of racism in the U.S. you could only guess that she was making reference to her gender since that’s what she said but then the underlying tone that she’s black, too – or African American. See, I’m probably racist for not knowing but that’s not my intent at all.

The female then called the Bachelor a “white boy” and laughed it off. It’s strange to think if he would have called her “black girl” the fallout that would have ensued. Is it a double standard?

But you have to tread lightly because if you were to ask the wrong question it could be misinterpreted and you are accused of racism, despite trying to legitimately understand where she is coming from.

That happened to me on Twitter where I publicly asked, “Is it because of (such-and-such)?” and I was jumped on by a bunch of people. So even asking a question and trying to fill in the blank where someone left off is not safe so it’s best to remain ignorant — or at least that’s what I took away from it.

So racist, sexist, homophobic — these are all words you’d think would disappear in a world where we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore, but instead they are used now more than ever as people have an unlimited number of platforms to infuriate the masses… like a newspaper column.

I feel so clueless as to what’s appropriate and what’s not these days.

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