The race is on… and on… and on

If you thought our election campaign seemed long, you would probably hate to be an American right now.

And I’m not just saying that because Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republicans (depending on which poll you read and when). But voters are still many, many months away from casting votes and the dramatics of a year-long campaign are only getting juicier.

If anything, the campaign game would make for an interesting reality show — though you could argue with so much news coverage it practically is.

And just when you think the candidates are running out of mud to sling they somehow dig up more and just start rambling things to make the supporters cheer.

I was able to stomach 12 minutes of a Trump appearance and I thought I would learn something about his platform and new details about what he would do as president.

Instead, Trump went on about his Mexican wall, imitated/mocked Hillary Clinton and reiterated how he is more popular than the other candidates.

Now where had I heard that before? Oh yeah, during one of the three Republican debates he participated in. Oh yeah, during the countless interviews he’s done after the debates. Oh yeah, during the morning show interviews he does on TV and radio.

I suggest reality TV because that has become somewhat scripted for the interest of drama. It riles up viewers and gets people fired up. It has non-supporters rolling their eyes and going, “Why is this trash on TV?”

News coverage ends up being half news and half platform allowing candidates to say anything they want about whoever while totally avoiding the direct question they were asked.

Example: “How will you solve the immigration problem, Mr. Trump?” “I’ll tell you. You know what Hillary does…?” The six-minute answer doesn’t answer the question at all. It is just a launching pad for how great the candidate is and how the others suck.

So really, the U.S. presidential campaign is no different than an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians — minus the fashion and misuse of the word “literally.”

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