Swimsuit time again… at least for walking

Your car is dirty. And thanks to your car, so are my pants, shoes and jacket.

Every spring, we pedestrians have to go through the same thing: dodging puddles on the sidewalk and the splashing from cars on the street. I think the slogan should be “Considerate Drivers Wanted.”

I understand that drivers, besides watching other vehicles, road signs and traffic lights, also need to be on the lookout for people crossing streets. Even if people are not crossing a street, please remember that walkers are out there.

There’s this feeling I have that some drivers are just looking to get a laugh at the expense of a dry walker.

“Here comes a big puddle and a guy walking, let’s pick up speed and drench the sucker.”

Come on, you know that’s crossed your mind on occasion. Would you actually do it? Most people wouldn’t. But I’ve been in a vehicle with people that think it’s hilarious. What sort of enjoyment can you get from that? If knowing you’ve done something cruel to someone makes your day, you’re going down a road all right. Although, I won’t tell you where that road leads.

Keep in mind that while you might be having a cold morning on your drive to work, pedestrians are not only cold because they are out in the elements, but also arrive to work cold AND soaking wet thanks to the (in some cases) needless splashing from traffic.

I’ve also found that many people who drive think they are superior to those without vehicles and I always have to defend my reasoning for not driving. For me the choice is simple: it’s much cheaper to not have a car. But at the same time, maybe my laundry costs make up for it in the end.

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