Are you just hearing the message or actually listening?

In Newfoundland citizens are outraged that a local firehouse is no longer able to double as a bar where people can slam back a few drinks. In provinces across the country people don’t understand why there is a law that forbids them from smoking indoors. Protesters continue to demand that marijuana be legal in Canada.

There are many people who become frustrated when the government steps in and takes away one of life’s guilty pleasures. That is understandable, I think. Well, it is to me at least. But then again, I’ve never had one of mine taken away from me by the government before.

But I think when you truly believe in something – or let’s even use the word “addicted” – it can be tough to accept that you are no longer able to have the freedom you once did.

Decades ago it was common for women to drink and smoke during pregnancy. Now we’re reminded that these actions can seriously harm an unborn baby. It’s become one of those unacceptable practices that you “just don’t do anymore,” I was recently told by an expectant mother. There are women who dispute that and will not follow the advice of experts no matter what they are told.

I think it’s just a matter of allowing the message to get into your head and hearing it and understanding why it is a certain way. The government makes rules for the health and safety of the country. This may be hard to believe, but the government is actually looking out for the best interest of its people sometimes.

Many times we are hardheaded if we firmly believe in something and don’t want to hear anything else besides our point of view. There have been countless studies showing the adverse effects of smoking and people will still shoot down all claims just to defend that they smoke. The thing is that person also doesn’t realize how foolish they sound. If you get information from a doctor or a hardcore smoker, which will you find a little more reputable? I think we know the answer to that.

It’s just a fact of life that we have to realize that we’ve learned so much when it comes to health and safety that we may soon have to give in and stop doing something that we love to do. As bitter as that may make some of us, as long as you are willing to hear the reasoning behind it then perhaps there won’t be such resistance when it comes to such rules being enforced.

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