Kissed a boy and he liked it, ABC didn’t

He kissed a boy and he liked it. Unfortunately, ABC wasn’t too keen on Adam Lambert’s antics at last weekend’s American Music Awards.

In case you missed it: Viewers were teased about the breakout performance from the American Idol runner-up. Lambert was kept until the end of the show. During the performance there were some dance moves and actions that offended some. It was Sunday night at almost 11 o’clock.

Earlier most nights you can see almost full-out nudity on some primetime shows. There’s tons of bare skin and sex scenes on shows across all the major networks. And yes, teen shows like 90210 are far more suggestive than the theatrical performance Lambert gave on stage.

Is Lambert’s homosexuality the cause of the uproar? A guy kissing a guy on television? Did anybody see Will & Grace, the hugely successful NBC sitcom? It had scenes with a gay male character (played by a straight man) having hands on his co-star’s breasts in many episodes.

And two girls? It was wild – but uncensored – when Britney Spears (who has a family friendly song about threesomes at the top of the Billboard charts) and Madonna (who has a book containing nude photos) kissed at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2003. News channels in the U.S. are blurring the image of Lambert kissing one of his castmates on stage – well, the channels that are even showing an image.

ABC has come under fire for what Lambert calls “discrimination.” The network cancelled his Good Morning America appearance this week, citing his uproar wouldn’t be a good fit for breakfast television.

Lambert is correct in saying there were other performances Sunday night that were socially irresponsible. For instance: Eminem whose song brags about rape. Not only did ABC – a Disney company – OK that song, but it ran earlier than Lambert’s so-called disgusting performance.

And far be it from Disney to suggest homosexuality is wrong considering it employs many gay males at its theme park shows. I was just in Orlando, I saw it.

I guess those gays are playful and non-threatening. I’ve never seen a Disney movie with a scary character, have you? (Sarcasm implied.) It’s unfortunate the character Lambert played in his performance was shocking to kids – you know, the ones that were awake at 11 on a school night.

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