Where are they now?

There’s nothing I love more than the family that seemingly has it all going through turmoil and running to hide from the media.

Of course I’m referring to the usually front-and-centre Kardashians.

First it was playing coy with Kim and Kanye’s baby. There was hype, there was teasing and the anticipation was killing people. But very soon the public lost interest after waiting too long.

People were interested right then and there but clearly felt strung along since it was weeks before there was a peep out of the attention-seeking Kardashian.

Everybody likes to share their achievements. I get that. But with the Kardashian family it’s constant. There are so many of them that you can’t help but go a few days without hearing some story about the gang.

But what about when the bad news strikes? The PR teams rally the troops and everyone goes into hiding.

With Khloe’s reported marriage turmoil thanks to hubby Lamar Odom’s alleged drug problem and adultery, it took weeks before Khloe commented about anything. Even then it was a cryptic Bieber-like acknowledgement. (Remember, Bieber admitted to drug use without admitting it.)

Khloe’s statement on Twitter was, “As much as I wish I were made of steel… I’m not.”

Moving over to wannabe Kardashian sister, Kris Jenner. She had a six-week talk show airing on select Fox stations this summer. The show was awful. Aside from gushing about her family, Jenner didn’t have much to say.

Even bringing in high-profile co-hosts like Ryan Seacrest and Kanye West didn’t help — well, maybe they helped the ratings the day they were on. Otherwise, the show fell flat and the trial run led to a cancellation.

The Kris show’s Twitter page addressed early reports the daytime program was cancelled by saying, “Rumors flying are false but glad everyone is still buzzing about our 6 week summer run!!!!”

Right, but when people are only “buzzing” about it because they are laughing at the cancellation, that didn’t equal viewers and in turn advertising dollars. But nice attempt at a spin.

What’s my point today? It’s great when people want all eyes on them all the time — with an asterisk. The exception being when times get tough.

It will be interesting how the marriage turmoil or talk show cancellation will factor into the Kardashian reality show franchise that purportedly gives the real story inside the famous-for-nothing family.

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