Why did I have high hopes for the Internet?

Last week I told you about how I spent some time at home watching TV as I enjoyed a few days off. Daytime TV confused me: so many experts, so many contradictory pieces of advice. Naturally I decided to be entertained on YouTube, though I can’t say it was a much better experience.

Trending at the time was a three-minute video of a girl getting attacked by a group of females in a New York McDonald’s restaurant. As chaos ensues and the victim struggles to defend herself, the shaky images show people cheering, videotaping and doing very little to assist. Oh yeah, and I was only able to stomach the first nine seconds of it. Even then, I can’t say I stomached it so much as watched in disbelief.

Though many people found it entertaining as the number of views topped a million and the comments registered in the thousands.

Here’s a random selection:

“She was rocking with one of them but it was way to many for her to take on and not get beat down sad they jump and stomped her like that. I find it hard to believe she was their by herself and if she was not their by herself need to find new friends cause friends don’t let friends get jumped like that.” (My comment: It’s great these people spend so much time learning to spell.)

“I would put money on that girl if she were to catch a fade wit each one of them girls she would most likely win them all. [Expletive that starts with F] up how everyone just let her get jumped though.” (My comment: Betting on fast food fights could be a lucrative business for that entrepreneur.)

“Dumb welfare collecting pieces of [expletive]. They should all be put away attempted murder.” (My comment: I eat at McDonald’s from time to time and I am not on welfare. Check yo self.)

“these hoes be acting up…….” (My comment: The only thing we know is they have anger management issues, we know nothing about their bedroom antics.)

“Why you black people are always so violent?????” (My comment: Let’s not start more Ferguson riots.)

So, while I was mortified to see such behaviours and read the disregard for the poor girl’s well being, it turns out this is commonplace in today’s society when someone can be subjected to humiliation anytime anyplace all thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

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