The countdown is on to President Positive

There is something odd about a president who tweets more than he talks. Although if there’s one positive it’s that tweets are limited to 140 characters so unless he wants to numb his thumbs he has to make sure his words pack a punch in two sentences of less.

Have you guessed who I am talking about?

Yup, I’m referring to President Positive – a.k.a. Donald Trump. I spent some time scrolling through his tweets and it almost seems like he just scours the media and other social media platforms to lash out at people and be a jerk when people disagree with him.

Let’s pause here for a second. I used the word “jerk.” It’s not like me to publicly name call an elected official but it seems Trump opened the door for that as he has no problem lashing out and spewing rude names at people. He’s used “idiots”, “stupid” and “fools” in the past week.

Not that I want to get into that habit because it is, like, you know, a Grade 2 thing to do and it seems counterproductive for a guy who’s apparently going to single-handedly unify his country. Yes, he previously said that HE will do it. Not his administration. Not politicians across the U.S. He will do it. HE will. (Should I have ended that last sentence with a question mark?)

If you vocally disagree with him – bam – you’re given a Twitter beatdown. If you publicly challenge something he says or does – bam bam – Twitter beatdown.

There is that old saying “lead by example.” Act the way you expect others to act, right? So it actually makes perfect sense that Trump supporters and haters have clashed over the past year and a half and will continue to do so for the next several years. It’s how the country will be run and it ain’t gettin’ better any time soon.

So in just a few short days the world will be watching as the spectacle begins. It’s crazy to think the four years hasn’t even started yet. Grab your popcorn and kiss your Canadian birth certificate or citizenship card and get ready for the show. Maybe put on a hardhat if you have one nearby.

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