You don’t care about Emmy nominations, do you?

The Emmy Award nominations were announced last week and, quite honestly, nobody cared. I’m an entertainment reporter and even I was caught off guard the day they were announced.

It’s not because I’m tuned out from what’s happening in the celebrity world, it’s more about putting things into perspective when there’s coronavirus killing people, dramatic protests, rampant civil unrest in society, and, well, Kanye West running for president.

Admittedly, yeah, Hollywood patting itself on the back seems rather trivial right now.

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The irony being that with quarantine and lockdowns, many people are confined to their homes – thus, they’re watching something on TV. But in the self-centred world in which we live, people are more concerned about their own well being and not how many gold trophies This Is Us won’t win.

I’ve been covering the lives of celebrities for well over a decade and in that time I’ve seen the gradual decline of the once-popular awards show and red carpet glitz.

Back when celebrities were the only ones with a platform, there was a reason to watch those acceptance speeches. Now, the rich and famous spew their opinions and protests every day on social media. Now, we see them in their dazzling outfits before arriving at the shindig. Lastly, we’re truly not happy for them if they win or lose because it doesn’t impact us one bit, anyway.

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It’s true, in 2010, red carpets were where you wanted to be. It was thrilling for me as an aspiring entertainment reporter in Canada. There was something exclusive about being accepted into such an event. I can tell you, the flashy spectacles got old real fast. Been there, done that, lived to tell about it.

In today’s fast-paced world where a headline lingers for mere hours before being wiped out by another story, audiences don’t have the attention span to care. Again, people are so consumed with their own lives that a trophy-giving Hollywood ceremony is of little interest to the masses. This is proven after each respective telecast when ratings generally decline year over year.

The problem with nominations is that they’re for movies that people watched nearly a year ago, or for TV shows that were cancelled or that the majority of viewers had never heard of thanks to endless streaming options online, or for a song that was overplayed and we got sick of 10 months ago.

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What’s the saying? “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If the Emmy noms are announced and nobody cares, should the awards be given out on TV? Look, the Daytime Emmys used to be a primetime telecast, now they’ve been downgraded to a Facebook Live stream.

The viewing public doesn’t care which overpaid peeps win heavy trophies for their work from so long ago. It’s time to rethink the importance placed upon Hollywood awards shows and the “season” they gobble up weekend after weekend at the start of the year.

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