Hollywood takes itself too seriously

Awards show season has kicked off and runs, well, much of the year. Hollywood can’t get enough of itself so patting each other on the back and upstaging the competition is likely in the cards for the next few months.

But while many of the celebs give candid interviews on the red carpet to show they are real people and have a sense of humour about themselves I can’t help but question if they really are that loosey goosey.

Case in point: When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes, they razzed stars in the audience and got applause and laughter. Even the off-colour jokes might have got a gasp but were laughed off by the crowd.

Though the uncomfortable laughter happened when jokes about Bill Cosby’s rape allegations were made. The point of the one-liners wasn’t to make light of rape and I don’t believe for a second anybody thought the hosts were trying to. Ultimately it was shock that jokes were made about the legendary actor’s scandal.

So it seems it is OK for celebrity friends to razz each other but what crosses the line? Is it because Cosby wasn’t in the audience to be shown laughing at the joke?

Last year I chatted with Canadian comic Russell Peters and asked his take about why people are so easily offended. He said that comedy is meant to make people laugh. It’s not meant to hurt. Though over time society has become so sensitive it has changed the face of comedy — not for the better, according to the funnyman.

As Hollywood remains in its self-appreciating state and all us common folk are in awe of their outfits and talent, we should rally as a public and say, “Lighten up, stars. We don’t take awards shows seriously. Why do you?”

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