Proud member of the DVR generation

More and more we are seeing statistics that traditional TV is on the way out. Even with the convenience of technology like DVRs to record a program that doesn’t require you to manually enter times, speeds and channels, consumers are getting greedier faster.

And I don’t blame them. As the author of a bestselling book about being cheap, I am all for reducing household bills. Fortunately my cable bill is a company expense so it’s not out of pocket for me. But as a cable TV customer I wouldn’t pay upwards of $100 to have every channel known to man.

We want things faster, cheaper, easier. Call me old school but I am trying to limit the amount of Internet influence ruling my life. I am still one of the few who want to flip through channels with a remote control and find something to watch and enjoy a night of TV.

I completely understand that platforms like Netflix allow you to still be in control of your viewing but I don’t see anything wrong with the DVR setup I have at home. Would making the switch be cheaper? For sure. But keep in mind as an entertainment reporter I have to watch things when they are on. I can’t wait even a day for a show to get uploaded to another viewing platform. And I just have no interest in sitting at my computer and watching streaming video online or rigging my TV so that it is Internet ready and more like a computer than, what used to be called, a television set.

Call me old fashioned or just call me old, but I am still for watching shows when they are on (minus the commercials) and I am a proud member of the DVR generation.

As a comical side note: a few days ago I was telling a story on the radio about how my parents just got a DVR and I kind of mocked that they are behind on the times. So what did I say to unintentionally have a laugh at my expense? I blurted out, “My dad doesn’t even know how to burn a CD” to which there was laughter in the room and, like that previous paragraph, I felt old — or old school, as the term is. Who burns CDs anymore?

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